Peripheral Neuropathy And Social Security Disability

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition of the nervous system that can cause many symptoms including numbness, tingling, and burning.

Peripheral neuropathy can be extremely disabling.  At the hearing level, the Administrative Law Judge will want to see specific documentation from your physician in order to determine whether you meet Social Security’s disability criteria.

Your doctor should carefully document the existence of pain, parenthesis, urinary incontinence, muscle atrophy, chronic fatigue, and any other symptoms or signs being manifested by the patient.  Documenting the symptoms in and of itself is not sufficient to prove that a disability exists.

The doctor should specifically document how the neuropathy has affected the patient’s functional capacity.  That is, specifically, how far can the patient walk, how long can he or she sit or stand, and how much can he or she lift on a regular basis.

A medical source statement providing answers to these and many other crucial questions can be of great benefit to your claim.

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