Dire Need Requests for a Social Security Disability Case

Almost everyone who has filed a hearing request is shocked to hear that in the Albany, NY area the backlog is around 9 months.  That means that it takes about 9 months from the date that you file your hearing request until the date your hearing is scheduled.

Almost all claimants ask if there is anyway to expedite that process.  The answer is almost always “No.”  It is very difficult, and almost impossible, to bypass the backlog of cases.  However, a dire need request can be made but these requests are rarely granted.  In order to make such a request an offer of proof must be made that the claimant is in danger of losing their residence or cannot afford to keep their utilities running.  Even when evidence to this effect is submitted it is uncommon for the Social Security Administration to grant the dire need request.  This is because many claimants are experiencing these difficulties and the backlog of cases is so large.

Contact an attorney to discuss your Social Security Disability case and to inquire about a dire needs request.