Do I Have A Case?

If you are reading this there is a good chance that you have been injured and have questions about your rights. In New York State, there are many avenues to investigate in order to determine whether or not you qualify for benefits, awards, or settlements. These payments may come from insurance companies via personal injury lawsuits, workers’ compensation claims, or disability claims. In addition, injured or disabled parties may qualify for Social Security benefits through the United States Government. Individuals who are partially disabled may also qualify for unemployment benefits.

Understanding whether or not your injury or disability may entitle you to one or more of the above benefits is extremely complicated but very important to the injury victim. The published laws pertaining to Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment benefits are hundreds of pages long. There are thousands of published cases pertaining to negligence, liability, and verdicts in negligence and tort liability cases. One of the biggest mistakes that injury victims make is failing to consider all of the possible options that may be available to them. The safest and smartest way to do this is to contact an attorney familiar with injury claims. An qualified attorney will be able to educate and offer advise about which type of beneifit the injured party may qualify for, the chances of success and possible results for each type of benefit claim. Many strict time frames apply when making certain claims for benefits under the Workers’ Compensation Law, Social Security Law, Disability Benefits Law, and Unemployment Laws. Statue of limitations exist for injury victims. If these deadlines are not met, a viable and potentially valuable case can turn into no case at all.

If you have sustained an injury and have questions about your rights, we strongly urge that you contact an injury attorney who has experience and knowledge regarding whether you are entitled to benefits or have a viable lawsuit. At the Law Office of Paul D. Giannetti we can not take every case. However, we are happy to speak with all potential clients, free of charge, and provide our advise as to whether a viable claim exists. There are many competent attorneys who can give solid legal advise regarding your injury. At our offices, it is priority to speak to new clients immediately or shortly after we receive their inquiry. Often times, we are able to provide same day case evaluation.

There are many competent injury law firms to choose from. It is up to you to make an informed decision about who you want to handle your case. Regardless of who you choose, we strongly urge you to learn about your injury rights before it is too late to pursue them.