Your Ability To Work With Anxiety And Depression

A large percentage of Social Security claims either are based on or include a diagnosis of anxiety and/or depression.  This means that the Social Security Administration is very familiar with the medical components of these conditions.  The simple fact that you have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression will not automatically mean that you will be approved for benefits.  In fact, these claims are often subject to more scrutiny than a purely physical type injury.

The detail with which you doctor offers his medical notes can make a big difference in your claim.  Anxiety and depression are often accompanied by reduced motivation, crying attacks, social withdraw, and memory loss.  It is helpful that your doctor document the specific symptoms that are associated with the diagnosis of anxiety and depression.  It is even more helpful if your doctor will documents how frequently you experience these symptoms and how they affect your ability to perform your activities of daily living.

Depression and anxiety claims can be difficult and clear, accurate medical reports can be extremely helpful in securing a favorable decision at the hearing level.