The Importance Of Mental Health Professionals In Your Social Security Claim

In my Social Security Disability practice in Upstate New York, it is common for claimant’s to have both physical and psychological conditions. Many times, a primary care physician treats and prescribes medications for both the physical and psychological aliments.

While a medical doctor can prescribe certain medications for mental illnesses, we strongly recommend that our clients be seen by mental health specialists. This can be either a psychiatrist who holds a medical doctor degree or psychologist who holds a PhD degree. These providers specialize in treating mental illnesses; whereas a primary care physician does not.

At the time of your hearing, the Law Judge will give much more weight to an opinion regarding a psychological disability if it comes from a mental health provider and not a general practitioner.

In many instances, a certified social workers actually performs the counseling treatment but is supervised by a psychiatrist or psychologist. In those circumstances, the social worker’s office notes can be very helpful. It is crucial that the supervising psychiatrist or psychologist sign off on those records or reports so that a Law Judge can give them sufficient weight.

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