Will Social Security Get My Medical Records?

When I initially meet with a client who is appealing a Social Security denial, I am often asked whether or not Social Security will get all of their medical records before the hearing.

My response to that question is always “probably not.” It is highly unlikely that the Social Security Administration will have all of the relevant medical records regarding your disability by the time your hearing is scheduled. This is because they do not have the manpower that it would take to effectively to complete this task. Securing medical records and periodic updates from all of the relevant providers takes a lot of time and effort and Social Security simply does not have enough staff to properly do this.

At our firm, we make every effort to secure all the relevant medical records as well as specific statements and opinions from your physician regarding your limitations or restrictions. Social Security may request and secure certain medical records from certain physicians, but we will make sure that every effort is made to get all of the relevant medical records that may help you win your case.

Do not assume that Social Security is going to prepare your case for you, they will not.