A Social Security Disability Appeal is Worth the Effort – No Doubt About It

You apply for Social Security disability benefits, wait months to get a decision, and are shocked and disappointed when your claim is denied. Despite an initial denial, however, you may have a good chance of prevailing on appeal. Initial disability determinations are made by agency employees. Appeals, on the other hand, are decided by an […]

What Is A Social Security Disability Dire Need Case?

After a Social Security denial, a formal hearing request must be filed to put your case in line to be heard by an Administrative Law Judge. The problem is that hearings in the Albany, NY area usually take between 8-12 months to be scheduled. The Social Security Administration has defined a dire need situation which […]

Filing Your Social Security Appeal Online

If you have been denied Social Security Disability benefits, you have a legal right to an appeal.  Your appeal must be filed within 60 days of the decision denying your claim. Filing the appeal is relatively simple.  The Social Security Administration’s website provided step-by-step assistance for those interested in appealing their claims.  This process can […]

Vocational Expert Testimony At Your Social Security Hearing

In some parts of the country, Administrative Law Judges hearing Social Security claims will routinely utilize a vocational expert in order to determine whether or not a claimant’s disabilities prevent him or her from doing specific jobs that are generally available in the national economy. In my practice, most of our hearings are held in […]

Can An Unfair Decision Be Reversed?

The relevant standard of proof in a New York State Workers’ Compensation claim is that of “substantial evidence.”  This means that a Law Judge’s Decision need only be supported by substantial evidence in order to be affirmed by the Board and Appellate Courts. The standard entrusts the New York State Workers’ Compensation Law Judge’s with […]

Social Security Denied? Take Immediate Action

If you have applied for Social Security Disability benefits and have received a written denial from the Social Security Administration, it is crucial that you act quickly.  You have 60 days to file a request for a hearing at which time your application will be reconsidered by an Administrative Law Judge. Properly completing the hearing […]