Vocational Expert Testimony At Your Social Security Hearing

In some parts of the country, Administrative Law Judges hearing Social Security claims will routinely utilize a vocational expert in order to determine whether or not a claimant’s disabilities prevent him or her from doing specific jobs that are generally available in the national economy.

In my practice, most of our hearings are held in Albany, NY.  On occasion a vocational expert will be called in on a specific case.  However, an expert is usually not needed.

A vocational expert is trained to understand the specific requirements of certain job titles and offer an opinion regarding whether certain types of jobs are available in significant numbers in the national economy.

Generally, the presiding Judge will ask the vocational expert hypothetical questions incorporating the limitation or restrictions found in the medical record.  Based on those limitations, the Judge will ask the expert whether or not there are specific jobs that meet these limitations exists in significant numbers in the national economy.  In many instances, there are differing opinions regarding the correct physical limitations of the claimant.  In that circumstance, the Judge will ask several sets of hypothetical questions to the expert to see whether his opinion would change in the availability of jobs.

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