Workers’ Compensation And “Jobs Express”

If you are partially disabled as a result of a work related injury, you have a legal obligation to remain attached to the labor market.  This means that you must search for employment within your restrictions.  The nature and extent of your job search will often determine whether or not you will continue to receive lost wage benefits from the insurance carrier.

Recently, Governor Cuomo implemented a website known as Jobs Express.  This website is designed to assist the unemployed in finding suitable jobs.

The web address is

Utilization of the Jobs Express website, with appropriate documentation, can help you meet your burden of remaining attached to the labor market.  We strongly recommend documenting each and every visit to the website as well as which jobs were applied for or inquired on and when this action took place.

The partially disabled worker should also contact Access (previously known as VESID) and fully cooperate with their program.  Additionally, further independent job searches should be maintained with specific documentation of any and all jobs sought.