Social Security Disability And Migraine Headaches

If you have been diagnosed with migraine headaches that prevent you from performing full time work you may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. Whether or not this medical condition will result in a favorable decision depends on many factors including the severity of the headaches along with the frequency and duration of the migraine. […]

The Social Security Hearing: Are You A Reliable Worker?

In a majority of Social Security Disability cases a crucial issue is whether or not the claimant is able to perform not only their past work, but also any other jobs available in the economy. Proving that a claimant is unreliable could be the difference between your claim being denied or approved. The treating physician […]

Age Matters In Social Security Disability Cases

Simply put, the older you are the easier it is to secure Social Security Disability benefits. When you reached 55 years of age and can no longer do the type of work that you have done your entire life, the Social Security Law may be on your side. While there are no guarantees, if you […]

Under Age 50 And Claiming Social Security Disability?

If you are under age 50 and are contending that you are disabled for Social Security purposes, you will have to demonstrate very significant limitations to win your case. You are classified as a “younger individual” when you are under the age of 50. In most cases, if the Judge believes you can do sedentary […]

Making An Opening Statement At Your Social Security Hearing

It has been our experience that most Judges will offer the claimant’s attorney an opportunity to make an opening statement at the start of a Social Security hearing.  However, unless the issues being decided are difficult or unusual, making an opening statement serves no purpose. It is always better to allow the Judge to control […]

Preparing For Your Social Security Hearing: Keep A Journal

When a claimant retains our firm we make every possible effort to put them in the best position to secure a favorable decision on their claim. A very helpful tip that we often give out after we receive a date for their hearing is to have them keep a journal for two or three days.  […]

Social Security And Overpayments

Federal Law allows the Social Security Administration to recover overpayments made to claimants. When an overpayment has been alleged, the claimant may request a waiver.  To successfully secure a waiver of overpayment, a claimant must show that he or she was without fault in creating the overpayment and that requiring repayment would contravene the purpose […]

Workers’ Compensation And “Jobs Express”

If you are partially disabled as a result of a work related injury, you have a legal obligation to remain attached to the labor market.  This means that you must search for employment within your restrictions.  The nature and extent of your job search will often determine whether or not you will continue to receive […]

Private Disability Insurance Reimbursement

In some cases a Social Security applicant is already receiving payments from a private disability policy.  If they are denied Social Security benefits and request a hearing it can be many months before a ruling is made in their case. It is important to understand that some private disability policies include a reimbursement clause which […]

“Working” For Social Security Purposes

One of the criteria to qualify for Social Security benefits is that a claimant be deemed disabled under Social Security’s rules.  A person cannot be disabled if they are working regardless of their medical conditions.  However, the Social Security Administration will consider someone is “working” if they earn $1,000.00 or more per month. A person […]