Mental Impairments And Social Security Disability

A large portion of Social Security claims are based, in part, on a mental illness. There are many ways to demonstrate a disability under the Social Security Law.  One such way, is by meeting the criteria listed in 12.02 of the adult listings.  Under 12.02 Section C, a chronic mental disorder meeting the following criteria […]

Proving Disability In Social Security Cases: Medication Effects

A sometimes-overlooked factor that can help demonstrate disability is a Social Security claim involves the effects that prescription medication can have on a patient. It is well known that many medications have side effects some of which are dramatic. However, simply because the pamphlet that comes with your medications indicates possible side effects does not […]

How Unemployment Benefits Can Hurt Your Social Security Claim

Many people collect unemployment benefits while their Social Security Disability claim is pending.  While this does not always mean disaster, it presents a difficult problem.  This is because in order to collect unemployment you must ready, willing, and able to perform some type of physical work.  On the contrary, to get Social Security Disability benefits, […]

Vision Loss And Social Security Benefits

In certain cases vision loss, by itself, may be sufficient for Social Security Disability approval.  As you might expect, the severity of one’s vision loss is a determining factor in the approval or denial of your claim. Vision tests are a crucial aspect of proving your claim.  The results of vision tests including vision acuity, […]

Social Security And Age

Age is a crucial factor which often determines whether or not Social Security Disability benefits are granted or denied. If you are over 55 years old and do not believe that you are able to perform any of the jobs that you have had in the last 15 years, you may qualify for benefits.  At […]

Vocational Expert Testimony At Your Social Security Hearing

In some parts of the country, Administrative Law Judges hearing Social Security claims will routinely utilize a vocational expert in order to determine whether or not a claimant’s disabilities prevent him or her from doing specific jobs that are generally available in the national economy. In my practice, most of our hearings are held in […]

Social Security Disability Claims

In certain instances a vocational expert will be present, usually by telephone, to testify at a Social Security hearing.  This expert has extensive knowledge regarding the types of jobs available in the national economy and the specific requirements for each job. The expert will testify after the claimant gives testimony.  The purpose of the expert’s […]

Total Disability In Low Back Injury Cases

As of this writing, 01/06/11, the current medical guidelines provide various criteria for determining a New York State Workers’ Compensation claimant’s degree or level of disability. Listed below are the criteria in determining whether you qualify to collect disability benefits at the total rate: •Chronic pain and with a history of continuous use of multiple […]


The GRID’s are an extremely complicated area of Social Security Law. GRID’s are just that, a chart with different categories including age, education, and past work experience. Various ages are placed into different categories such as younger individual (18-49 years old) or advance age (55 or older). The education category and previous work experience categories […]

Payment Of Back Due SSI Benefits

If you have been awarded SSI disability benefits and you are owed back payments that are more than three times the maximum monthly benefit amount, these back benefits will be paid in three separate monthly installments, 6 months apart. The first two of these monthly installments cannot exceed three times the maximum monthly benefit amount. […]