Proving Disability In Social Security Cases: Medication Effects

A sometimes-overlooked factor that can help demonstrate disability is a Social Security claim involves the effects that prescription medication can have on a patient. It is well known that many medications have side effects some of which are dramatic. However, simply because the pamphlet that comes with your medications indicates possible side effects does not mean that every person experiences those effects.

Medications often cause drowsiness, fatigue, and difficulty maintaining concentration. These effects can obviously prevent someone from driving a motor vehicle or working around a dangerous machine. For that reason, side effects from medication can sometimes be crucial in your Social Security Disability claim.

The key when trying to demonstrate that there are side effects from a medication is securing a statement from the prescribing physician documenting that you have had these side effects from that medication. The Administrative Law Judge will not simply assume that you are having side effects because the specific drug information indicates that this is possible. A statement from your doctor can be extremely beneficial when it clearly references that you have had complaints regarding specific side effects from the medication.

If you have a pending Social Security claim or just have questions regarding whether or not you may qualify, we would be happy to discuss your specific circumstances with you.